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Gulf Coast Home Buyers is a professional real estate company. We buy houses directly from homeowners who want to sell now rather than wait months and months. We are a group of licensed Florida real estate agents who can list houses on the MLS. But that is not our objective. We want to buy houses, anywhere, in the continental United States.

We are dedicated to offering a hassle-free home-selling experience, ensuring a prompt, equitable, and transparent transaction for your property. Our commitment to superior customer service and the pursuit of mutually beneficial solutions sets us apart, creating a win-win scenario for all involved parties.

Our Core Values

1. Always Do The Right Thing.
2. Deliver a WOW experience.
3. Superior Customer Service.
4. Never Stop Improving.
5. Be Accountable.
6. Be Honest.
7. Giving back to our community.
8. Have passion for what you do!

Blake Woodham President

President: Blake Woodham

Promoting a positive community and economic growth while revitalizing our neighborhoods.

Blake Woodham is the founder of Gulf Coast Home Buyers, LLC, a company that provides a hassle-free home-selling experience.

After seeing his own family face the troubling times of home foreclosure at a young age, he decided to explore real estate more and discovered there is a need in the marketplace to help people in tough situations. With his passion for fulfilling the need, Blake has strategically grown the company, not only guiding local homeowners to the simplest and easiest way of selling their properties, but solving difficult real estate problems and helping them come out ahead in the process.

Blake studied business management at the University of Maryland and is currently a Combat Systems Officer with the United States Air Force. He fell in love with the gulf coast when the military brought him here in 2008 and knew this is where he wanted to plant his roots. He began purchasing homes since 2013 and has been working closely with his team to grow the company to the #1 Home Buyer in Northwest Florida.

Along with his wife Jennifer, they enjoy spending time on the beautiful beaches, volunteering in the local community, traveling and being a student of life.

Chief Operations Officer: Matt Downs

Matt Downs is the Chief Operating Officer at Gulf Coast home buyers, a full-service real estate company providing straightforward solutions to fit their client’s needs. 

Originally from Kansas City Missouri, Matt has spent the last 18 years working to provide value to others and help them through life’s ups and downs.  It is out of an instinctive habit that he works to leave every encounter better than it was before. Working through real estate, has provided him the unique opportunity to do so and spread more positivity every day. 

Matt began his real estate career in customer service, then moved to an acquisitions role, and on into management since moving to the panhandle 8 years ago. Using that experience he has had the opportunity to help hundreds of people transition to the next stage of their journey and of their lives. Holding honesty and integrity above all else – Matt and his team strive to be the difference that matters for every one of our clientele. 

Matt and his wife Amanda enjoy the beaches of the panhandle, trying and exploring new food, travel, and new experiences in all facets of life. 

Chief Marketing Officer/Office Manager: Brianna Gangloff

Brianna has been in customer service for 17 years now. She enjoys helping people in all aspects of life including work, personal, relationships, fitness, nutrition, and otherwise. Brianna received her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology to further her interest in people and helping others. She is also a licensed real estate agent in Florida.

Real estate is Brianna’s newest endeavor she has entered. She enjoys every aspect of real estate which is why she loves helping others in it as well. Compassion, integrity, and honesty are the aspects she believes help most in regard to customer service within the real estate field – all of which she upholds.

Brianna and her husband own a home in Destin, a rental home in Arizona, a rental home in Miramar Beach, and an Airbnb in Panama City Beach. Her husband is also pursuing his real estate license so they both can pursue careers in real estate. Because this is more than just a job – it is a passion – Brianna is dedicated to helping homeowners out of their tough situations.

Acquisition Specialist: Nick Milano

Nick serves as the Property Specialist at Gulf Coast Home Buyers, leveraging his expertise in property acquisitions and unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service. Nick’s lifelong immersion in real estate began with a dedicated focus on marketing and communications in his early career. However, this year, he made a strategic pivot into the dynamic world of real estate investing, experiencing significant growth and achieving notable success with his team at Gulf Coast Home Buyers. Nick enjoys building meaningful connections with the people he is helping and enjoys being a resource to those in need.

Nick, originally from Louisville, Colorado, made the cross-country move to Madeira Beach, FL four years ago to trade snowy landscapes for sun-soaked shores. Embracing the coastal lifestyle, he hasn’t looked back since. Nick delights in discovering new beaches, exploring eclectic restaurants and entertainment hubs in Tampa & St. Pete, indulging his passion for travel, and staying active with a keen interest in fitness. A holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations & Advertising with a specialized focus in psychology, Nick brings a unique blend of expertise and diverse interests to his pursuits.

Transaction Coordinator: Adrian Ramir

Adrian is a Transaction Coordinator/Dispositions Specialist at Gulf Coast Home Buyers, LLC, a company dedicated to helping people in need of selling their homes, by providing a quick and easy way to sell.

He firmly believes that integrity is easily one of the best qualities one could possess, whether it be at work or in his personal life. Adrian understands that providing excellent customer service to any business prospect and following through on their word is essential in keeping the company and its name reliable and reputable.

He graduated with a degree in business management and is using the skills he’s learned into helping the business grow. Adrian has been in real estate for several years now and truly enjoys the space. Having seen first-hand the many different challenges that homeowners would face when in the process of selling a home, Adrian has become versatile and knowledgeable in solving said challenges in order to bring a deal to a close.

Selling a house can bring a whirlwind of problems, but one thing you can be sure of is that Adrian will always do the right thing.

Lead Specialist: Amy Grutas

Amy is the Lead Specialist at Gulf Coast Home Buyers and has always believed in its mission and vision.

As a child, she dreamed of becoming a public servant so that she could help those in need. But growing up she realized that she can always help anyone in her own way, regardless of her role. Whenever she has the opportunity she joins community outreach programs and volunteers. Having Graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Commerce and having been in a customer service-related field for more than a decade Amy always has a soft spot for helping people and getting results. Working in real estate has given her the opportunity to do just that.

Amy has an adventurous soul who loves animals, nature, traveling, and good food and is always looking to learn and try new things.

Ready To Sell Now?

Are you thinking about selling your house? Have you wondered if you could sell quickly, how much you could get?

We can walk you through what you would get if you sold through the traditional listing process. Then we can also show you how much you will get if we bought your house now without waiting months.

That way you’ll have all the information. And you can then choose which way is best for you and your family. We give people this information at no cost and you’ll be under no obligation.

How Gulf Coast Home Buyers Works With Homeowners

We treat the homeowners who call us like we would like to be treated. We give people the same information that we’d give our own family. And when it’s time to go to closing, we usually pick up the closing costs.  So you don’t have to spend your cash just to close.

If you have any questions about how we work, what the process of selling a house or having us help you avoid foreclosure, or just want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

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